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Letter from the President

Wow! It is 2020 already! It is a New Year, a new decade and a new beginning for the Illinois Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Dave and Nancy Garcia took the reins last year with ideas and enthusiasm to make a change for us. They worked long hours with unwavering dedication. Thank you both for all you did, you have given us inspiration and a drive to continue to try new ideas, and to welcome input and change so that we may continue to improve and grow.

The business community here is extremely diverse; gas stations, restaurants, brick & mortar stores, artists, non profits, ranchers, farmers, loggers, professional service providers and even e-commerce businesses are all a part of the Illinois Valley. Our investments and jobs may be different but our goals should unite us.

The Illinois Valley Chamber of Commerce was developed to bring us together, form an unbreakable bond, and expand the economic growth of our valley. We have much to learn from each other, some of our members have successfully been in business here for over 30 years, they have knowledge we should learn from. The newer members are full of ideas to maintain success in a market that has drastically changed over the years. We should all be teachers to one another as well as eager students.

Every person or entity in the Illinois Valley who is conducting business either for financial profit or social goals should be a part of the Illinois Valley Chamber of commerce. A network of people has a far broader reach than any one person alone and we cannot call ourselves a community if we do not help and support each other.

Members of the Illinois Valley Chamber of Commerce are truly the leaders of our community.  We invite every business, small and large, to send a representative to a meeting, talk to other members, bring your ideas, and become a part of our network. Be a leader and advocate for the Valley that we love.

Monique Allen

2020 President Illinois Valley Chamber of Commerce