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            2022 STATE OF THE CHAMBER

            Greetings and hello from the Illinois Valley Chamber of Commerce Board of Trustees. My name is Grant Stutzman; I am the Vice President of the board. Really quickly, for those who don’t know, I want to give a quick presentation of our Executive Committee. The board is headed by our President and fearless leader Monique Allen. Her dedication to this group and the Illinois Valley at large, as well as her leadership skills with this board and in her businesses speak volumes about her character. We are most fortunate to have her guidance and direction assisting in our endeavors. Our Treasurer is none other than Christopher Hall. His experience as a business owner as well as sitting on various other boards, past and present, has truly worked in our favor. His involvement has brought our board to a new level of respectability by maintaining the highest decorum and direction through bylaws, legal perspectives, and financial forethought. He, along with Megan Pugh, keep our books totally in line and work actively to improve the financial standing of our Chamber. They always say to save the best for last, right? Our chamber would not be and could not be in the thriving position it is, especially through the last two years of pandemic, without the incredible work of our Executive Director, Megan Pugh. There are not enough words to describe the incredible work that she does. Even when she requests time off, she still takes her laptop and maintains communication with anyone that reaches out to the Chamber office. Her dedication and enthusiasm for growth within the Chamber and the Illinois Valley is palpable in her every breath. Without the work of these three incredible folks, our Chamber would not be the shining institution we are today.

            The last two years have been a time of change, adaptation, and flexibility. Some have experienced loss while others have seen growth. The business community experienced challenges we never dreamed we would face. Yet, those same nightmares became realities. A business classification was born: essential business. A new kind of front line worker was realized: essential worker. Whether or not we agree with these qualifier terms, whether or not we agree with how the governments local, state, or federal handled the situation, whether or not we agree with how businesses were made to enforce and whether or not they did enforce is neither here nor there. What is important is that we all now have a new experience to speak from, a nugget of wisdom that should impact our daily lives, both personal and professional. While no person’s situation was the exact same, we all walked the same trail together. And, after two years, I am proud and pleased to say that the Illinois Valley Chamber of Commerce, your Chamber of Commerce, saw growth and development.

            I don’t want to fixate on Covid-19, but rather, I want to mention the impact it had on the Chamber of Commerce. As often happens during times of turmoil, the businesses in the community rallied around the beacon that is the Chamber of Commerce. With the business partnerships and using the Chamber as a form of communication to the business district, the Illinois Valley businesses were able to push through the hurdles. Because of local business ties, as well as much stronger developing relationships with the Grants Pass/Josephine County Chamber of Commerce, Josephine County, and the City of Cave Junction we’ve been able to share information across a broader swath of Oregon, improving the business communities of Josephine County, and strengthening our local Chamber.

            We’ve also gladly received more businesses into our Chamber family. Because of our growing partnership with the Grants Pass Chamber, we have welcomed businesses from the Rogue Valley into our numbers, strengthening bonds with our Grants Pass friends and encouraging them to visit and shop in our Illinois Valley. Business is about reciprocity and we are working to create more business across our valleys as a whole.

            Part of the mission of the Chamber is finding ways to make businesses feel like they truly are getting the most bang for the membership fee. In 2022, we started hosting a Greeters Group. Greeters is an opportunity to meet other businesses, get information about what’s happening in the Chamber, and learn about events happening around the area. This Greeters Group has been an excellent magnet for business owners and representatives to mingle and connect with other businesses who may fill a gap. While the group is still small, we are always growing, striving for bigger and better, and reaching for connections. I want to encourage you all to consider joining Greeters. Keep a watch out for your email from the IV Chamber of Commerce with details about when and where it will take place. Come and meet your Chamber Board Members. Make some new business connections. Become involved with your community.

            I wanted to give one last shoutout. Below, you will find the names of everyone on the Illinois Valley Chamber of Commerce Board of Trustees. Each of these people takes time out of their days, away from their businesses, because they believe in the growth potential for the Illinois Valley. They recognize the gem that is our local community and strive to achieve strong growth for the businesses and individuals in Cave Junction, Selma, Kerby, O’Brien, and all of our other surrounding neighbors. Executive Committee: Monique Allen-President, Grant Stutzman-Vice President, Christopher Hall-Treasurer, Megan Pugh-Executive Director; General Board: Bertha Miller, Lindsey B Jones, Ethan Lane, Jean Ann Miles (representing the City of Cave Junction), Michelle Binker, Sara Cole, Mark Stutzman, and Sue Densmore.  On behalf of the Executive Team, I extend our heartfelt gratitude for what you do every day to improve our community.

            Lastly, if you have any questions about how you can get involved with the Illinois Valley Chamber of Commerce, please reach out to Megan. If you think you know of someone who would benefit from joining the Chamber, make sure we get their information and we will happily reach out. And if you want to join us for Greeters, keep an eye on your email or get in contact with Megan at the Chamber for all of the when and where info. She can be reached at 541-592-3326 or Thank you for being a part of your Chamber of Commerce and everything you do every day to build up our community.